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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Purpose

The Privacy Policy for this Website was designed to inform visitors of the purpose by the Company (including all subsidiaries, websites, sub-domains, third party websites and related companies) to collect and use information, including storage of information collected by the Company and third party subsidiaries. Visitors understand that by visiting this Website, the Company will not be held accountable for the collection of information by third party sites and applications, unrelated to the Company. All visitors understand that by using this Website and by submitting personal information, the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions apply to such personal information. All products and services ordered through this Website are also subject to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

Third Parties’ Privacy Policies

Third party advertisers may insert their own cookies and web beacons on the Website. Advertisers may include ad agencies and networks. These companies often use technology to collect information from visitors. The Company has no control over such technology, nor do they maintain control over third party agencies to accrue information.

Site Links

Many ad agencies and websites place hypertext links, leading to third party sites. The Company has no affiliation with third party sites or the handling of information by third party sites. The Company does not necessarily endorse sites in hypertext links. The Company has no control over third part sites and the information supplied on such sites. These links are located on our site for your reference ad appear in hypertext form for your convenience. The Company does not advertise nor condone any site’s contents.

Company Mergers and Affiliates

It remains within the sole discretion of the Company to sell or share personal information of its visitors with other company affiliates gained through merger, sale or otherwise. The Company may also share information with its current affiliates and affiliates acquired through sale or merger. All information collected from this Website is the property of the Company and its affiliates.

Consumer Right

This website is administrated by the Privacy Policy. Services, products or content offered by this website will be referred to here after as Company and are overseen by this Privacy Policy. All visitors of this Website agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy and its amendments, which may be altered as needed. Visitors to this Website agree that the Privacy Policy adheres to all information, services and products offered by the Company. Changes to the Website and Privacy Policy will be posted upon completion, and it is the responsibility of the visitor to adhere to all necessary changes. Visitors will not receive any warning or notification of changes to the Privacy Policy. This Website and the Privacy Policy is governed by the Terms and Conditions, which may be changed without notice. As this Website’s sole purpose is to inform visitors from the United Kingdom, the laws of the United Kingdom govern this Privacy Policy as well as the Terms and Conditions. All international visitors not in the United Kingdom must agree to the United Kingdom laws governing the use of personal information.

The Use and Collection of Information and Dissemination Practices

The following section relates to the use and storage of visitor information by the Company and the disclosure of such information on Websites, third party websites and the sharing of information between the Company and third party affiliates. It also includes information regarding opt-out policies and opt-in policies.

Information Collection

Visitors may share such personal information as name, mailing address, email address, social security number, credit card number and phone number. The purpose of the collection of this information is to better serve our visitors by obtaining a more accurate picture of the visitor. This information includes the gender of visitors, age, marriage status and highest level of education completed. Visitors may need to provide such information in order to use the website, services and products provided by the Company. All information obtained by visitors may be used for these purposes.

Types of Information Collected

Information may be obtained from visitors through surveys, order forms or registration forms. This information may be obtained through the Website, mail, phone survey or in person. From here on out, this type of collection of information will be referred to as Survey. Information retrieved by a survey may include a visitor’s name, address, email information, zip code, phone number, age, gender, income and education levels, social security number, employment status and interests that include both personal and internet activities. The Company may request this information more than once. Information from other parties may be collected and used to enhance information obtained by the Company. Visitors are not required to complete such surveys by either the Company or any other website or third party service providers. As a visitor to this website, you understand that your participation is on a complete voluntary basis.

Information Collected by Third Parties

All information visitors provide to third parties may be accessed by the Company and its subsidiaries. Information retrieved by a survey may include a visitor’s name, address, email information, zip code, phone number, age, gender, income and education levels, social security number, employment status and interests that include both personal and internet activities. The Company will obtain this information only with permission from the third party and will ensure that the third party has informed the visitor of this exchange of information. If for some reason, the visitor has not consented the exchange of this information, the visitor may opt-out of this exchange of information by emailing the Company.

Redemption of Offers or Prizes

The Company may use several methods to collect information, including, but not limited to the redemption of a prize or offer. This redemption may be affiliated with the Company or with a third party affiliate. Other offers include services offered by the Company or third party including newsletters the visitor has subscribed to on a voluntarily basis.

Collection of Information via Technology

The Company may use certain technology, such as web beacons and cookies, to obtain information via the Website about its visitors and store such information in the Website’s records. This information is related but is not limited to the visitor’s web browsing history and internet trends. As technology continues to evolve, the Company may use new technology, trends and methods to obtain information about its visitors during future visits. Based on the trends of each visitor, the Company will obtain and store certain information via IP Addresses. This information is used for visitor research to better serve our customers and our online presence. Such information is used to study the demographics, behavioral patterns and personal and online interests of our visitors. Information we mine includes previous URLs visited, including URLs non-related to the Website as well as URLs non-related to the Website; information about your browser and your unique internet address or IP (this is assigned to you by your internet service provider). If you are using an area network, cable modem or DSHL connection, we may retrieve the IP address from your specific desktop, laptop or mobile device. This information is pertinent to the Company to provide its visitors with better support and services by pulling data that includes geographic locations, other websites the user has visited and the IP addresses of said websites. Your IP address may also reveal your identity (though probably not your name). The Company may also use web beacons to collect data about its users. While web beacons are primarily used to imprint images upon a website, they may also be used to capture information about the Website’s visitors that has been previously collected and stored. Using this information, the Company can better serve our customers by logging information about the websites our customers visit. This information is used to obtain information for our marketing team regarding the best products and services to offer our customers. This information can also help us recommend accurate products and services to our clients. Customers who sign up for online services, such as mailing lists, may also encounter web beacons in company email messages. Cookies are another way the Company may track data about our users to enhance the visitor experience. Cookies are installed on a user’s browser software. Users may disable cookies for use on the Website, but doing so may disable some Website functions. By using cookies, you allow the Website to determine the most appealing features to its users and the content that users view more than once. By using cookies, visitors may enhance their experience to view customized content, allowing its visitors to view content specially tailored for each user. The Company may use cookies to acquire information, such as the amount of return visits of each user and web usage statistics. We may also provide customized content, services and information farmed from information on your web history or interests. This also allows users to save their passwords so they are not required to re-enter this information with every log in. Disabling cooking may reduce usability on the Website, and users who disable cookies may not experience the best results while using this Website. For more information about cookies, visit to learn how to disable cookies and request to see all cookies as they are set. For the best viewing experience, please set your preferences to accept cookies on this Website. Please note, the Website also uses technology to analyze data. The Company also employs the use of new technology as it is made available. New beacon and cookie technology continues to develop at a rapid rate, so policies regarding beacon and cookie technology may change without notice. In addition to specific data, the Company also farms and uses anonymous data. This data includes the visitor’s browser type, domain names and software, such as operating systems. Other information includes plug-ins, screen resolutions, cookie preferences and language settings. Finally, the Company may also farm data such as keywords the user has input into the search engine and whether the user has enabled JavaScript. If the user inputs personal information, such as name or phone number, the Company may identify each visitor. In in order to use the Website, all users must be over the age of 18. By using this website, the user validates he or she is over the age of 18; therefore, the Company does not collect information from such individuals. The Website will never knowingly ask for any information about an individual under the age of 18. If such information is unknowingly collected, the information will be deleted. As such, the Company will never disclose such information to third parties or affiliates. The Company may collect and store credit card numbers and credit card information during the time of a sale on the Website, via mail or over the phone. All credit card information is encrypted with SSL encryption software and protected in the database through the use of this software. The credit card information is used for the sale of products, through the consent of the users of this website. The Company will share credit card information with third party affiliates only from the necessity of completing the sale. Credit card information is retained by the Company for all future sales and products that are shipped automatically. This credit card information is retained within a secure, online digital location that can only be accessed to make future purchases.

Individual Information

In accordance to the use of individual information, the below describes how the Company uses information farmed through the Website. Like any other section of this agreement, the Company may change this policy at any moment. Since this agreement may be updated at any moment, it is the responsibility of the user to read the updated agreement to stay abreast of changes made at any time in the future. Use of this information includes sending the user promotional materials by email, phone, mail, banners online and any other marketing the Company deems useful to the user.

Policies Regarding Visitor Emails and Opt-Out Permissions

The Company provides visitors with the services of email promotions and communications. If the visitor does not wish to receive emails, he or she must opt out of such subscriptions. In order to opt out of The Company’s email list, a person must send an email request to The Company may keep separate email lists for various reasons, and the customer may choose to opt out of one or all of such email communications If the participant choses to opt out of email offerings, he or she must send an email to the Company requesting to opt out or choose the opt-out option at the bottom of the email, follow the link to the opt-out page and choose the appropriate options from the selection. If the customer chooses to opt out of emails, he or she may still receive previously sent emails. This process only guarantees the customer will cease to receive any emails from the Company. In order to stop receiving emails from third parties, the customer must manually opt out of emails sent by each third party vendor. Even if the customer chooses to opt out of the email services, the Company may still share farmed information with third parties. Once unsubscribed, customers will only be removed from future emails sent by the Company or on behalf of the Company. Third-party vendors may still continue to send email notifications and marketing campaigns and may still have access to your personal information for marketing purposes.

Personal Email Agreement

 Email and marketing campaigns are only sent to customers who have opted in to such services and agreed to receive such promotions via the Website. Such individuals may also receive emails from third parties affiliated with the Website and Company. Since the Company does not participate in sending emails to customers who have not opted in this service or who have not released their personal information to the Company, the unsolicited email statues by the United Kingdom government do not apply in this case.

Advertising for Target Audiences

Since the Company sends out email and marketing campaigns custom to each client’s needs and interests, the Company will use an individual’s personal information to deem which campaigns are relevant to each individual client. Using technology and internet databases, the Company will farm data that pertains to each individual client to expose the client to products and services that are custom fit to his or her needs. Avenues to gain this personal information include surveys and other technological developments. The Company may use email, phone calls, cell phone calls, mail and any means necessary to provide such marketing campaigns and offers to customers.

Email Marketing 

Customers who submit their email addresses or provide such information through the Company or Website, agree to be contacted via email or participate in email marketing campaigns through the Company or its third party affiliates. The customer must elect to opt out of such communications in order to stop receiving such marketing campaigns. Please see the section on unsubscribing from marketing campaigns and email communications in order to stop receiving such communications. By offering your email address, you agree to accept the charges your internet and data providers have specified within your agreed contract. The Company is not responsible for paying any wireless or data fees incurred by receiving email and wireless communications through the Website or other Company services and third parties.

SMS Text Services

Should the customer choose to receive information and promotions via short message service (SMS) text messages, the Company will provide the customer with such services. These messages will be delivered to the customer’s cell phone via their wireless carrier. When messages are sent via SMS, the company can access the customer’s information, including, customer name, physical mailing address, cell phone number, applicable landline numbers, message content, service provider, date and time. All customers must be 18 years of age to receive this service. By signing up for this service, all customers testify that they are over the age of 18 and are the primary account holder or authorized to make changes on this account. The customer also agrees to pay any charges related to these messages through the cell phone or wireless carrier. Data and messaging fees must be paid through the customer’s wireless carrier. The Company is not responsible for SMS message delays. Delays may be the result of the customer’s wireless carrier or equipment. SMS messages cannot be tailored to the individual customer. The Company also has access to other SMS service information, including the customer’s date and time as well as the content of such messages. All information the Company acquires via the SMS text message service will be used per the Privacy Policy. The Company may provide the customer’s wireless carrier with information regarding this service should the service accrue charges on the customer’s bill. Other information and data regarding this service may be farmed by the customer’s wireless carrier regarding wireless usage on the customer’s device. This is to the discretion of the wireless carrier and bears no consequence with the Company as these policies are contingent on the customer’s carrier. Since the Company makes use of wireless systems such as radios and digital means to transmit information, the customer agrees that such information is subject to interception. This information travels through networks that the Company has no control over and does not monitor; therefore, this exchange of information is vulnerable to privacy and security threats. The company is not liable for any breach of security or privacy that occurs during such transitions. The customer is liable for obtaining the proper security procedures to ensure his or her information is kept safe. These security measures are based on the customer’s needs and situation and should be installed by the customer or SMS service. It is also within the right of the company to access the customer’s wireless account and access information to ensure the service runs smoothly and all technical problems are resolved in an adequate time frame. These issues may include but are not limited to service complaints and other issues. It is within the Company’s rights to use customers’ personal information to provide requested services. These services relate not only to the services the customer has requested but ones that relate to personalized marketing campaigns, content and other advertising avenues. This information may also be used by the Company and third parties to complete marketing research including audits and analysis to ensure the Company and Website continue to provide the best services to the customer and offer the best technology. Some of this information, including non-personal and accumulated information, with third party affiliates and other associates in relation to offering updated services and technology. Such affiliates and associates are used in assistance to processing the customer’s information. The Company will ensure all information shared with third parties and affiliates for processing is protected by the same policies and procedures the Company has set forth for internal handling of such confident and sensitive information. Other parties the Company may share information with includes legal compliance services, fraud prevention services and network security services. Customers are welcome to remove their information from such databases monitored by the Company. Doing so will remove the customer from all databases, and the Company will not use the customer’s information for secondary reasons. In order to request this removal, a person may sent this request in writing via email to or by replying with “STOP”, “END” or “QUIT” to any text or SMS messages they have received. The Company will also not disclose such information or third parties. Such third party affiliates will also cease to send out promotional information and marketing campaigns. Customers wishing to opt out of such promotional material and marketing campaigns may do so in writing. Please send an email to client support or reply to SMS text message from the Company or affiliate with the words “QUIT”, “STOP” or “END”.

The Company’s Use of Technology and Information Regarding Technology

The use of technology information is in regards to link a customer’s information within the Company’s database to third party affiliates’ lists of client information. It is also used to monitor and study a customer’s habits and patterns regarding browsing history online. Finally, it is also used to study the most frequently visited sites on the company’s website. These policies lead to better customer service, products and offerings from the Company and third party affiliates. This type of data farming allows the Company and affiliates analyze customers’ habits and patterns to offer the best possible services and marketing campaigns.

Individual Profiles

 By cross-referencing these data sources, the company can create a cohesive individual profile to ensure the best possible service and offerings. Databases that are cross-referenced include the Company’s databases as well as third party affiliates’ databases, mailing lists and information gathered from the customer.

Storing Individual Profiles and Information

All information regarding the customer is stored in a database on the Company’s computers. Such computers are protected with security measures to protect the customer’s information and personal profile. Firewalls and other security precautions are put into place to ensure the customer’s information is safe from tampering, including loss and alteration of information, as well as the misuse of information. Though the Company puts every precaution into place to ensure the correct treatment of its customers’ information, the Company is not responsible for information breaches and breaches due to the result of illegal activity. Should a breach occur that accesses a customer’s information through illegal measures, the Company cannot guarantee the safety of the information.

Personal Information Uses and Advisory

A customer’s information may be used by the Company and third parties in other ways. One of the main reasons for the Company to use a customer’s information is for marketing purposes and campaigns. In order for the company to provide the best service and make proper recommendations, the Company must farm data through marketing surveys, questionnaires and emerging technology. This includes the customer’s personal information. This information will be used to send the customer information on goods and services that best suit the customer’s needs. The Company may also distribute such information to third parties and the appropriate contractors to ensure all marketing campaigns are accurately handled. This information will also be sent to third parties for marketing research. Customers may or may not have prior relationships with such third parties.

Ad Words

Based on a customer’s browsing history, the Company may use cookies to share information with Google. This information will be used to offer the customer ads during his or her browsing experience with google. Ads will feature products the customer has visited on the Company’s website or other affiliates’ websites. Google and other vendors affiliated with the Company may use such cookies to offer products and services. Customers who do not want to see these ads may opt out by going to the opt-out page on Visitors can opt out of DoubleClick’s ads and cookie data farming by visiting or the Network Advertising Initiative’s homepage and choosing to opt out.

Other Offerings, Contests and Sweepstakes

 Customers may be asked to enter a contest, sweepstake or other event, offered by the Company. These events may also be co-sponsored by other affiliates or companies. Customers may submit information in order to enter the drawing. In such instances, the Company will share the customer’s information with the affiliates, co-sponsors or partners, who may use the supplied information for purposes related to research and marketing. It is up to the discretion of such affiliates to use this information for whatever purposes they deem pertinent. Such information will be stored in the Company’s database as well as the databases run by the affiliates. If the customer does not wish to share this information, the customer should refrain from participating in the contest program. The customer should also refrain from sharing such information with the Company or Affiliate for any reason if the customer does not want this information store, used or shared. The Company may not be held liable for the use of such information by an affiliate or co-sponsor.

Newsletters and Email Publications

 Visitors and customers may receive newsletters and email publications a few times a year. Though the Company does not share or sell this information. Email publications and newsletters will pertain to special sales and promotions offered by the Company from time to time. Any subscriber wishing to opt-out from newsletters and email publications should do so by sending an email to This email must be sent from the email address from which the customer subscribed.

Service Providers and Third Party Affiliates

Services providers and third party affiliates may be used by the Company in order to deliver the best possible services to customers. In order to keep this transition as seamless as possible, customer information may be shared with such companies. This will pertain to services and products related to the Website or Company. Such affiliates and companies include but are not limited to analytics companies, fulfillment companies, distribution companies, database hosting sites, address list databases and other partnerships deemed necessary to provide the best products and services. Customers’ personal information may be shared with such companies and affiliates. Since the connection between the Company and the affiliates is linked through e-commerce websites, these sites may be connected; therefore, customer information may be collected by such affiliates and companies, such as mailing addresses and email addresses provided by the customer.

Collective Statistics

Consumers’ information in regards to user behavior and patterns may be shared with third party affiliates. This information will not conceal the individual customer or identity, yet it will highlight individual patterns and reports pertaining to consumer demographics. This information pertains to customer emails and Website data collected by the Company.

Legal Process and Compliance

In order to comply with legal issues and processes, the Company may disclose information to legal counsel. The company may also release visitor information as the result of subpoenas or warrants. Furthermore, the Company retains the right to release information through other legal avenues. This includes but is not limited to the Company’s right to legally defend itself in or out of court and legal claims made by the Website’s customers and visitors and other entities. The Company may also use this gathered information in a case against a visitor or a client should the opposed party violate an agreement made with the Company. In order to prevent the disclosure of potentially negative information regarding the Company, the Company may release user information. Information will also be shared if the Company suspects illegal activity, fraud or the breach of safety to others. The Company may also disclose such information if the visitor breaches the Company’s policy. Such breaches of integrity will immediately result in the Company’s investigation. The Company may also legally release client or visitor personal information in regards to legal subpoenas and court orders in compliance with laws of the United Kingdom.

Orders and Fulfillments

In order to provide the best possible service on an order or fulfillment, the company may release certain client information to third party affiliates and suppliers. When such suppliers are used, client information will be shared with these vendors.


Collective information may be shared or sold to other affiliates and companies. This information will be collective aggregated data and will not disclose individual information, such as addresses, emails or names. This information is completely anonymous and is used for marketing information, including general locations and demographics.

Third Party Affiliates

In order to provide customers with the best possible services, the Company may share information with third party affiliates, companies and suppliers. The Company will share a business relationship with these providers, and the information shared will not be used for purposes outside the business relationship or marketing. The share of such information is intended to provide customers with other products and services that may appeal to them, based on the products and services they chose on the Website. These products and services may also be recommended based on the customer’s browsing history and buying patterns. If you have questions regarding The Company’s privacy policy, please contact us at